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LUOR - Word from the author

Luor is a litte Shoot 'em Up with a classic gameplay, but its style is quite particular. In the game, the Light has to confront the Darkness ! To do so, you have a cannon, able to throw light on the assaulting hordes of enemies and the gigantic bosses.

With Luor, I would like to prove to the potential game developers that making a quality game isn't so complicated, and I would like to give them a desire for creating. You don't have to make technical wonders to create, but lack of technical mastery doesn't curb creation.

Game Features :
  • Classic arcade gameplay
  • Next generation graphics
  • 3 game modes
  • 6 Unique Environments To Explore!
  • Fight giant bosses
  • Online scoring system

Screenshot :

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Top #5 classification

Country Name Total Score
1.   Italy   sierrodc   56902
2.   France   charlie5122   56248
3.   Switzerland   Etoiletouhou   55470
4.   France   ˛   54402
5.   France   NirmisTv   53736


Clement uploaded his latest masterpiece called Luor. This is space-action at its coolest folks! What a great game! And btw what a great job on the download page itself! More people should present their games this way!
Read full review on The Daily click (4.48/5)
Luor dispose d'un gameplay aux petits oignons, et d'une partie sonore impeccable. Une démo technique avec une telle jouabilité, c'est peu commun. Jamais de tels effets ont pu ętre admirés dans un jeu MMF2, et trčs rarement dans un jeu amateur !
Read full review on Clikmag (18/20)
To vše v parádním audiovizuálním zpracování, jež sází na stylové ozvucení a efektní grafiku využívající známého efektu, kdy se na barevném pozadí pohybují cerné a bílé objekty. Luor by bezpochyby nemel chybet ve sbírce žádného fanouška žánru shootem'up.
Read full review on HREJ! (8/10)
pozitivní barevná grafika
vynikající hratelnost
Read full review on plnehry (72%)


Art Director
Clement Willay
Thomas Colin
Maďlys Torché

Lead Programmer
Clement Willay
Sounds Designer
Gaël Brulin

Adrien Sergent
Jennifer Fontaine
Christopher Lefebvre
Charly Piva

Special Thanks
Maďlys Torché
Yves Lamoureux
Music Composer
« Introduction of Light » By Gaël Brulin
« Nebulla » By Bertycox
« Echospir » By Bertycox
« Fight the Darkness » By Mathieu Bolcato
« Starshine » By Avanzato
« Blak Hole 1 & 2 » By Avanzato
« Chercher la lumičre » By Philippe Mangold

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sierrodc !
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